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Wes (Wailin) Weldon: Guitars, Blues Harp, Vocals
Wes has been playing guitar for a long time; about 274 dog years. In his childhood after several months of
blood, sweat and tears, Wes figured out how to tune his guitar.  Later on, after many years of practice in his
lonely Rock poster-filled bedroom he figured out the 12-bar blues formula, he then began to master the art of
playing hard-hitting, face-melting rock music. After Wes was kicked out of the house by his mother, he then
found himself plying his trade in innumerable cover and original bands. He's been playing up and down
Vancouver Island from the 90's on up to the present, with not a penny to show for it. But now, after having
honed his craft through the decades, with help from a myriad of musical influences, which include; every rock
god from Angus Young (ACDC) to Frank Zappa, and all points in between, plus sharpening his entertainment
skills and perfecting his rock-face, Wes feels he is now in the best party rockin dance band he's ever been in,
so far...... ;)
Stuart (Rockfather) Parenteau: Bass, Vocals
  Stu was asked to be a lead singer years ago in Saskatoon, and was told it was a good way to get chicks ( He
joined on the spot). It lasted till a young lady showed up at his door explaining to his then girlfriend that she was
his new girlfriend. The band or the girlfriend was the ultimatum, so the whip came down and his short-lived
musical career was kaput. Jump ahead to the late 90's and low and behold, he was single again. So what's a
good way to get chicks? be in a band, so he took up the bass guitar and well, we all know about bass players
and chicks, or the lack there of. So now after being in bands such as; The Nerve, 9 Circles,  25 Toes and others,
as well as a lot of fill-in gigs he finds himself in a band where the music is what matters. "I love this band, the
talent I get to play with astounds me every gig. Its nice to have found a musical home. Now, where da women
at?.....the next ENABLERS gig of coarse!".
Colin (Saxman) Perry: Alto Sax, Baritone Sax, Flute, Keyboard, Vocals
As a child, desperately seeking something to do, Colin discovered music, starting with the recorder at age
four. Soon, an affinity for ukulele reared its ugly head, forcing the family to flee to Whiskey Creek. Swamped
with boredom again, he began playing guitar and alto sax. Next, he picked up the baritone sax (which was really
heavy), and finally that made sense after he heard Tower of Power. After discovering Metallica, Led  Zeppelin,
and Black Sabbath, he learned how to play bass. From 1988-91, he completed the  jazz program at Malaspina
College, then he toured Europe with a classical wind ensemble playing baritone sax. Upon returning, he joined
Rubber Soul and toured Western Canada  extensively. Colin then played with other bands on multiple
instruments, performing many different styles and genres, plus original music. In 2002, he formed the band,
"Jamm Inc." taking jobs on cruise ships until 2010.   In early 2012 after sitting in with the guys at a party  in
Coombs one night, he was invited to join The ENABLERS. They have tolerated him ever since.
Bob(BoomBash)Moffat: Drums, Vocals
  Bob's love of music, hickory and high decibel cymbal crashes has brought him to this point in life. Bob has
been a professional tub basher for many years, and oddly enough still retains most of his hearing abilities. 
While Bobs love for drumming is undeniable
and his talent is quite large, his love for redbull and jack is insatiable, which in turn gives him the fuel that
enables Bob to pound the skins hard, night after night, gig after gig! Bob also has a soft side to his playing
allowing him to pull out the bamboo sticks or brushes if need be, as the music and room dictates.
The ENABLERS are an explosive 4-piece party rockin' dance band who know a few things about working a room and
entertaining a crowd, wherever it may be. Their brand of sax fueled high-energy dance music has graced the stage of
many a venue, private party and wedding up and down Vancouver Island, always leaving a long trail of spent dancers in
their wake.

  Combined, the band has over a hundred years live music experience. Individually they have all played in numerous
bands in the area including; Gravy Train, Rubber Soul, Sons of Guns and Wavelength, to name a few.

  The ENABLERS play all types of music, including Rock, Blues, Reggae, Country, Southern Rock, Blues Rock, Disco
and more, sometimes putting their own twist on songs, thus enabling people to enjoy live music for their dancing and/or
listening pleasure.

  This intrepid local party dance band consists of Wes Weldon (guitars,vocals), Stuart Parenteau (bass,vocals), Colin
Perry (sax,keyboard,flute,vocals) and Greg Harford (drums). All of these starving musicians play multi-instruments and
have a profound love and knowledge of music.

  Their influences include everything from A(C/DC) to Z(eppelin), and their mantra is to, as Wes puts it ; "To enable
people to have a good time and to play every gig like it's our last". They are also people friendly, house trained and they
always encourage requests and crowd participation.

Come and check them out, you'll be glad you did.


If you find you need to be ENABLED give us a call today, no gig is too big or too small!

We play: Bars, Pubs, Clubs, Partys, Weddings, festivals, Events and more!